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Offshore companies are the key elements for successful tax planning

Offshore companies are the key elements for successful tax planning, risk planning and wealth planning. Certain jurisdictions like, for example, Belize incorporate so called International Business Companies. These companies are either subject to greatly reduced tax rates or are even fully tax exempt. Most of these countries also have reduced accounting and auditing requirements, which results in far less paperwork to be dealt with. An ideal structure means you have absolutely no administrative tasks to take care of during the year, no reporting at the end of the year and no taxes due at any time. All that applies is a low flat fee to remain in good standing with the registrar.

No matter how big or small

News about offshore companies often relate to large corporations like Apple, Google, IKEA or Starbucks. That’s why people automatically think offshoring would only be available to such large corporations with a huge team of tax counselors. However, as a matter of fact, offshore companies are widely used by small businesses, self employed and even by families as part of tax and wealth planning strategies. As you can see, a small investment turns into massive savings and therewith increases family wealth literally immediately.

It is however correct that every business, every tax and
wealth planning strategy, does require it’s customized offshore structure. The initial consultation is the most important part of starting an offshore company and that is why we offer a free, no-strings-attached consultation.

Quick & Simple

Last but not least, let me also explain what makes OCQ the perfect partner for your offshore company formation. It is that we perfectly understand all involved parties. We know what the registrar requires to incorporate a company, we know which bank best suits which customer and – most important of all – we know that our customers seek a simple, quick and affordable way to register their offshore companies. We keep our order processing up to date without making it bureaucratic. We won’t spam you with online or offline forms.
We know that even though we form more than 7,000 companies a year, for you it might be your very first offshore company, and we eagerly look forward to answer any question you have about this topic. Our qualified and experienced team is always here to help you on: help@offshorecompanyquick.com

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