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New Nuclear Power Plant Comes To United Kingdom

It's official. The Hinkley Point nuclear power plant is going forward. The plant has received approval from the UK government after several weeks of delays. Government officials wanted to review plans, but have given the project the all-clear. Nuclear power is already a major contributor to electricity in the United Kingdom. Currently contributing nearly 20 [...]

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Trump Gaining Ground While Clinton Looks All The More Vulnerable

Donald Trump may soon be Mr. President Trump. He'll have to trade in his ostentation Boeing 757, emblazoned with “Trump” of course, for Air Force One. He'll also have to trade in his many mansions and penthouses for the White House, a luxurious home by most standards but a bit shabby compared to Trump's usual [...]

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RyanAir CEO Calls UK Politicians Headless Chickens

Few businesses have been more vocal about their displeasure in regards to the Brexit vote than Ryanair. Immediately following the Brexit Vote, Ryanair announced that it would begin to shift away from the United Kingdom and make investments elsewhere. The company also made it clear that it would focus on flights and routes in the [...]

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Is Duterte a Murderer? He’s Certainly Controversial

Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte is earning himself quite the reputation. The loud-mouthed, abrasive President was recently accused of bad-mouthing American President Barack Obama. Meanwhile, his controversial War on Drugs is drawing condemnation from  other governments and various international human groups. According to some, the vigilante justice being promoted by Duterte makes him essentially a murderer. [...]

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Apple Stocks Plunged Following iPhone 7 Reveal

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) got hit hard after the company unveiled its latest iteration of the iPhone 7, as well as its next generation Apple Watch. In fact, Wall Street sunk the day after Apple's September special event, with many analysts blaming Apple for spooking investors. For Apple, the iPhone is the company's biggest money maker. [...]

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Why The Wealthy Should Be Worried About The Apple Tax

Apple has been ordered to pay Ireland 13 billion euro in backed taxes. Only, Ireland doesn't want the money and claims that Apple owes it nothing. And now, the United States is slamming the European Union, stating that the ruling is only going to tarnish EU-US relations. So what's the big deal all about and [...]

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Meet Six Young Billionaires

Just about everyone wants to be rich. Whether you want to use that wealth to buy a big house and other luxuries, or to engage in philanthropic activities, nearly everyone could stand to gain a little extra cash. The young billionaires on this list, however, have already managed to secure huge fortunes. Some of the [...]

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Self-Driving Taxis Are Already Revolutionizing Our Roads

The taxi industry is one of the oldest “modern” industries in the world. Since carriages first started to populate the roads, taxi drivers have been shuttling people back and forth. That's all about to change, however, and an industry that once seemed like it'd be impossible to outsource or automate, is now on the verge [...]

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NHS Cuts Coming Across England

The National Health Service in England is almost certainly going to undergo a hefty trim in the near future. As of now, plans call for the NHS plans to shut down wards, reduce the number of beds, and to institute changes to GP and A&E care in at least 44 areas. Sweeping NHS reforms have [...]

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Gold Tumbles, Drug Companies Take a Hit: Find Out Why

Stock markets in Europe and around the world suffered some stumbles last week. Given that markets have been at or near all-time highs, this shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. Often, markets that heat up have a tendency to retrench and once record breaking numbers are reached, many investors will start to look [...]

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