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Mixed Economic Indicators and Conditions Could Cool Stock Market Confidence

On the whole, European stock markets enjoyed a relatively strong week last week, as did the American stock market, and most indices across Asia. Still, while stock markets performed moderately well, there are numerous risks that could impact wealth managers and investors in the near future. From mixed economic indicators to the seemingly never ending terrorist attacks and political instability, wealth managers need to remain vigilant. American President Donald Trump is back in the United States, wrapping up his first international tour. However, the after effect of his time in Europe lingers. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned that the [...]

Why Terrorism Matters for Wealth Managers and Investors

First, may those who perished in the recent terrorist attacks rest in peace. Terrorism is 100% unjustifiable and violence is never the answer. Unfortunately, we live in an age where terrorist attacks could, sadly, become all the more common. It is becoming easier to acquire means to make bombs, recruit terrorists, acquire weapons and training, and everything else. When it comes to investing and managing your wealth you have to keep a constant eye on global conditions. This is true not just of economic news, but also terrorism, war, weather patterns, and numerous other factors. These factors can actually have [...]

American Economy Showing Strength, Brexit Still a Worry for Banks

The American economy is roaring ahead, showing increasing signs of strength. So far, the year has been quite kind as far as the economy goes. The strength of the American economy, in particular, is boosting Europe and other markets. With stock markets at or near historical highs, international investors and wealth managers have also enjoyed a boon. Still, there has been some negative news in the United Kingdom (more on that later). The American economy has largely been on the up and up this year. However, many wealth managers have been concerned over underperforming indicators. One of the most worrisome [...]

Protecting Your Wealth in an Age of Cyber Security Threats

The world was hit by a massive cyber security attack last week. Countless organizations and who knows how many individuals around the world were hit by the cyber security attack. Indeed, the United Kingdom’s National Health Service suffered outages, shut downs, and canceled surgeries because of the attacks. It’s believed that as many as 200,000 people were directly targeted. Many more were affected. With people so dependent on computers, it’s important to make sure that you are protecting your wealth from cyber security threats. First, let’s go over some of the recent developments in cyber security. Then, we’ll go over [...]