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Prince Philip “Retires”, Current Royal Leaders In Twilight

Last week, reports of an “unusual” meeting among Royal staff had many fearing that one of the members of British Royalty may have perished. The elderly Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were, as usual, among the prime suspects. These rumors turned out to be nothing but speculation. However, Prince Philip did announce that he will be retiring from public life. The Prince, who is the Queen’s husband, will turn 96 come June. The Prince may still occasionally attend public events. However, he will no longer be obligated or regularly accept invitations. Most of his already accepted invitations will still be [...]

Is Donald Trumps T’ax Reform a Pipe Dream?

The Donald Trump administration is pushing for the biggest American tax reform in decades. Currently, America’s top corporate tax rate weighs in at a whopping 35%, but if President Trump gets his way, the rate will be cut to only 15%. This is considerably lower than the United Kingdom’s 19% corporate tax rate, which in turn is one of the lowest tax rates in Europe. Of course, talking about tax reform and actually implementing it are two separate things. So far, the Trump administration has struggled to push through major reforms. America’s government is divided through a checks and balances [...]

Britain Aims for Snap Elections, Unlikely to Slow Brexit

Prime Minister Theresa May has called for snap elections in an effort to expand her influence over parliament and thus the government. While the move caught some off guard, with May having previously denied the possibility of snap elections, in hindsight it makes a lot of sense. May is looking to expand the Conservatives’ power in parliament and to ensure that parliament is unable to interfere with Brexit efforts. Ultimately, May is calling the snap elections in an effort to expand her control over parliament. If she can gain more seats, she’ll have more control over exit negotiations from the [...]

European Economy Growing, Greece Problem Bubbling Up, Brexit Intensifying

It’s a mix week as far as European news goes. The European Union’s economy is showing increased strength, which is certainly good news for workers and businesses alike. Yet while the economy is picking up steam, politics is only growing more complicated. EU members are toughening their positions on Brexit, while the Greek debt crisis is threatening to reemerge. First, however, let’s go through the good news. Eurozone retail sales grew by a solid 1.9% in February, following a .7% gain in January. Retail sales are especially important because for most fully-developed economies consumer consumption is equal to 50 to [...]

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