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Fear the Trump: Protectionism, Unpredictability Make Offshoring a Must

Offshoring is more important now than ever before. President Donald Trump may be able to deliver on the change he has promised the American people. However, at the same time, he’s also causing market turbulence. Further, his potential protectionist policies, such as tariffs on Mexican goods, could disrupt the entire global economy! Even long-time allies in the European Union are worried. Trump has made it clear that he is not as enamored with Europe as his predecessors were. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, one of the oldest still active treaties, is even at risk. NATO has been important for protecting [...]

Europe’s Economy Is Growing, But Risks Remain

The European Union is enjoying widespread growth, with every economy in the Union expanding for the first time since 2007. The EU economy hasn’t enjoyed such stable and widespread growth since before the Great Recession. Further, many economists are projecting that the EU economy could enjoy stable and sustained growth over the next few years. To be honest, we’re wary of such long-term projections. While the EU economy appears to be stronger than it has been for years, economic growth remains somewhat slow. Projections for this year and next point to an overall annualized growth for the entire Union weighs [...]

Immigrant Battle Brewing In USA as Nationalism Rises Across The Country

Nationalism is rising in the European Union, and United States. The so-called collective “West” has suffered a lot of turbulence. The exact sources of this turbulence is hard to pin down. Part of it seems to be the movement into a post-industrial society. As factories have shut down in the United States and across Western Europe, many working class people have lost jobs. This has created tensions. The most obvious examples of these tensions are the election of Donald Trump as President of the USA and the Brexit vote. Now, these tensions are rearing their head in other ways. In [...]

USA: Jobless Claims Sink To Near 44 Year Lows, Rate Hike Expected

The jobless claim rate in the United States has fallen to near 44 year lows. This is quite remarkable given that only two or three years ago, the United States seemed to be struggling just to maintain growth. The continued success of the economy also suggests that worries over the Trump administration are subsiding. For the week ended Feb. 25, initial jobless claims for state unemployment benefits dropped a solid 19,000 to a seasonally adjusted 223,000 . This marks the lowest number of claims since March 1973, according to the Labor Department. The data was released last Thursday. With the [...]

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