President-Elect Trump: UK Is A Special Place

President-Elect Donald Trump wasted no time reaching out across the pond to embrace United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May. Last week, May and Trump spoke via phone, and Trump invited her to Washington D.C. once he takes office. Trump also noted that the UK is a very “special place”, both for himself and the United [...]

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Markets Turbulent As Donald Trump Became President

The vote is in, and Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States. The results came as a shock to many, with most analysts and polls having projected that Hillary Clinton would coast to an easy victory. Instead, Trump stunned the United States political scene, as he has done numerous times before, [...]

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Putin’s War of Words With Europe

Following the end of the Cold War and the fall of the Iron Curtain, Russia and Europe have grown closer. The European Union is Russia’s largest trading partner, while Russia is the EU’s third largest trading partner. In other words, the two economies are closely intertwined. Indeed, much of Europe’s energy is supplied by Russia. [...]

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U.S. Economic Indicators Turn South, Economy at Risk?

The United States has been among the chief bright spots in the world economy. The European Union has been dealing with anemic growth for years, the United Kingdom is grappling with the fall out of the Brexit vote, and even China is struggling with various issues. The United States economy, however, has been strong with [...]

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United States Going After Corporate Tax Avoidance

We've been saying it for quite some time, the global tax environment is turning sour. Not just in Europe, but in various countries across the world. Now, the United States is looking to crack down on global corporate tax avoidance. The American Treasury department has released new guidance to limit the scope in which companies [...]

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Apple Stocks Plunged Following iPhone 7 Reveal

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) got hit hard after the company unveiled its latest iteration of the iPhone 7, as well as its next generation Apple Watch. In fact, Wall Street sunk the day after Apple's September special event, with many analysts blaming Apple for spooking investors. For Apple, the iPhone is the company's biggest money maker. [...]

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Meet Six Young Billionaires

Just about everyone wants to be rich. Whether you want to use that wealth to buy a big house and other luxuries, or to engage in philanthropic activities, nearly everyone could stand to gain a little extra cash. The young billionaires on this list, however, have already managed to secure huge fortunes. Some of the [...]

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Self-Driving Taxis Are Already Revolutionizing Our Roads

The taxi industry is one of the oldest “modern” industries in the world. Since carriages first started to populate the roads, taxi drivers have been shuttling people back and forth. That's all about to change, however, and an industry that once seemed like it'd be impossible to outsource or automate, is now on the verge [...]

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NHS Cuts Coming Across England

The National Health Service in England is almost certainly going to undergo a hefty trim in the near future. As of now, plans call for the NHS plans to shut down wards, reduce the number of beds, and to institute changes to GP and A&E care in at least 44 areas. Sweeping NHS reforms have [...]

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Moody’s Credit Agency: UK to Avoid Recession

Moody's is taking a rather optimistic stance on the United Kingdom's economy, arguing that the United Kingdom's economy will indeed suffer a slow down, but should be able to avoid a recession. Meanwhile, economic growth elsewhere should start to stabilize as the worst of the Brexit shock appears to be passing. Among other things, stock [...]

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