Mixed Economic Indicators and Conditions Could Cool Stock Market Confidence

On the whole, European stock markets enjoyed a relatively strong week last week, as did the American stock market, and most indices across Asia. Still, while stock markets performed moderately well, there are numerous risks that could impact wealth managers and investors in the near future. From mixed economic indicators to the seemingly never ending [...]

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American Economy Showing Strength, Brexit Still a Worry for Banks

The American economy is roaring ahead, showing increasing signs of strength. So far, the year has been quite kind as far as the economy goes. The strength of the American economy, in particular, is boosting Europe and other markets. With stock markets at or near historical highs, international investors and wealth managers have also enjoyed [...]

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Protecting Your Wealth in an Age of Cyber Security Threats

The world was hit by a massive cyber security attack last week. Countless organizations and who knows how many individuals around the world were hit by the cyber security attack. Indeed, the United Kingdom’s National Health Service suffered outages, shut downs, and canceled surgeries because of the attacks. It’s believed that as many as 200,000 [...]

Prince Philip “Retires”, Current Royal Leaders In Twilight

Last week, reports of an “unusual” meeting among Royal staff had many fearing that one of the members of British Royalty may have perished. The elderly Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were, as usual, among the prime suspects. These rumors turned out to be nothing but speculation. However, Prince Philip did announce that he will [...]

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Is Donald Trumps T’ax Reform a Pipe Dream?

The Donald Trump administration is pushing for the biggest American tax reform in decades. Currently, America’s top corporate tax rate weighs in at a whopping 35%, but if President Trump gets his way, the rate will be cut to only 15%. This is considerably lower than the United Kingdom’s 19% corporate tax rate, which in [...]

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Britain Aims for Snap Elections, Unlikely to Slow Brexit

Prime Minister Theresa May has called for snap elections in an effort to expand her influence over parliament and thus the government. While the move caught some off guard, with May having previously denied the possibility of snap elections, in hindsight it makes a lot of sense. May is looking to expand the Conservatives’ power [...]

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European Economy Growing, Greece Problem Bubbling Up, Brexit Intensifying

It’s a mix week as far as European news goes. The European Union’s economy is showing increased strength, which is certainly good news for workers and businesses alike. Yet while the economy is picking up steam, politics is only growing more complicated. EU members are toughening their positions on Brexit, while the Greek debt crisis [...]

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Fear the Trump: Protectionism, Unpredictability Make Offshoring a Must

Offshoring is more important now than ever before. President Donald Trump may be able to deliver on the change he has promised the American people. However, at the same time, he’s also causing market turbulence. Further, his potential protectionist policies, such as tariffs on Mexican goods, could disrupt the entire global economy! Even long-time allies [...]

Europe’s Economy Is Growing, But Risks Remain

The European Union is enjoying widespread growth, with every economy in the Union expanding for the first time since 2007. The EU economy hasn’t enjoyed such stable and widespread growth since before the Great Recession. Further, many economists are projecting that the EU economy could enjoy stable and sustained growth over the next few years. [...]

Immigrant Battle Brewing In USA as Nationalism Rises Across The Country

Nationalism is rising in the European Union, and United States. The so-called collective “West” has suffered a lot of turbulence. The exact sources of this turbulence is hard to pin down. Part of it seems to be the movement into a post-industrial society. As factories have shut down in the United States and across Western [...]

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