USA: Jobless Claims Sink To Near 44 Year Lows, Rate Hike Expected

The jobless claim rate in the United States has fallen to near 44 year lows. This is quite remarkable given that only two or three years ago, the United States seemed to be struggling just to maintain growth. The continued success of the economy also suggests that worries over the Trump administration are subsiding. For [...]

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These Three Conflicts Could Upend Global Stability

What a time to be alive. Across the world numerous conflicts are upsetting would-be global stability. Trump is ratcheting up tough talk with China, Aleppo has fallen in Syria but the civil war rages on, the Islamic State is battling it out with Iraqi forces in Mosul, and in numerous other places instability is reigning [...]

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India’s Capital Controls Causes Great Demand for Offshore Accounts

India is moving aggressively to install capital controls and financial oversight by banning large currency notes, and trying to force people to store their money in banks. By doing so, the governments hopes to assert more control and oversight over people’s personal wealth and financial management. The government’s ban of 500 and 1000 rupee notes, [...]

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Is Turkey the Next Greece? Better Prepare Like It Is

Turkey is experiencing an extremely difficult situation, with the Turkish Lira plummeting and terrorist attacks rocking the country. The situation is immensely complex as ongoing refugee crisis, slow global economy, separatist movements, and the ongoing civil war in Syria presenting Turkey with many grave challenges. In the long run, Turkey will likely prevail, but in [...]

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Rigged Elections? Obama Investigating Russian Interference

Was the American election that saw Donald Trump put into the highest office hacked? Many believe that Russia may have interfered with the election. Now, out-going President Barack Obama has ordered a “full review” to examine any potential hacking. Congress has also been pressuring the administration to look into the hacking allegations. Obama has pledged [...]

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IMF Chief Lagarde Faces Legal Challenges

IMF Chief Christine Lagarde is heading to trial over allegations of corruption during her time as France’s finance minister. Specifically, prosecutors believe Lagarde was acting “negligently” while handing out over 400 million euro to businessman Bernard Tapie in 2008. The trial could see one of the world’s most prominent policy makers sent to jail. Lagarde [...]

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Five of The Most Unstable Countries In The World

Let’s be honest, we live in a chaotic world, and right now, it seems to be growing all the more unstable. Seems like there are hot-spots and crises breaking out everywhere, all the time. The United Kingdom is leaving the European Union, Russia is amassing troops in Eastern Europe, Donald Trump is taking power in [...]

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Italian Investors Fleeing To Gold, Should You Do So Too?

So far, the election of Donald Trump and various other indicators and developments from around the world have generally been kind to markets. American stock indices have been at or near historical highs, while European and Asian stock markets have generally been fairing well. And yet, some countries are facing a much tougher time, and [...]

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Brash Trump Upsetting Global Diplomatic Order

Ivan the Terrible, Henry the Navigator, Trump the…. Brash? We won’t pretend to know how President Trump will go down in the history books. If there is one trait that seems to stand above all else, however, it seems to be Trump’s brash, devil-may-care approach to international politics. The global diplomatic community is filled to [...]

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What Will The Trump Presidency Look Like?

Donald Trump is set to become the next President of the United States, having scored a stunning victory over establishment candidate Hillary Clinton. Many people are unsure of what a Trump Presidency will look like. “The Donald”, as he’s often called, has no political experience and few close ties to Washington D.C. That helps explain [...]

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