Merkel To Run For Fourth Term, But Will She Win?

Could Angela Merkel be the next Hillary Clinton? Merkel has announced that she will seek a fourth term in what is expected to be a hotly contested election cycle. While many observers have lauded Merkel’s leadership, citizens across the world are looking for change and to upset the political order. When it comes to Germany, [...]

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Chaos In President Trump’s Cabinet

President Donald Trump hasn’t even assumed office and already his administration has been besieged by chaos. Long-time ally Chris Christie has been booted from the transition team, which is now being headed by Vice President Mike Pence instead. After Christie’s forced removal, several other staffers tied to Christie have also been removed. Insiders within DC [...]

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The Rise of Europe’s Right and What It Means For Investors

There is a spectre haunting Europe, only this time it’s not communism, but instead far-right politics. Not fascism, but a stark break from what Europe is used to. In France, the Netherlands, Europe, Germany, Greece, and elsewhere, hard lined nationalist parties are gaining popularity. In some places, like the Netherlands, right wing parties are becoming [...]

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Opposition Members in France Seek to Impeach Hollande

President Francois Hollande is coming under intense fire for allegedly violating the law by releasing classified information that was then published in a book. Hollande suffers from an immensely low approval rating with most polls showing suffering from an approval rating of less than 20%. With public approval so low, the risk of impeachment has [...]

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President-Elect Trump: UK Is A Special Place

President-Elect Donald Trump wasted no time reaching out across the pond to embrace United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May. Last week, May and Trump spoke via phone, and Trump invited her to Washington D.C. once he takes office. Trump also noted that the UK is a very “special place”, both for himself and the United [...]

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Markets Turbulent As Donald Trump Became President

The vote is in, and Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States. The results came as a shock to many, with most analysts and polls having projected that Hillary Clinton would coast to an easy victory. Instead, Trump stunned the United States political scene, as he has done numerous times before, [...]

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UK’s High Court: British Parliament Must Approve Brexit

The Pro-Brexit hardliners now in charge of the UK government suffered a bit of a set back in its quest to exit the European Union. Prime Minister Theresa May had been trying to avoid what could potentially be a messy parliamentary battle over the pending withdrawal. Many in the British parliament wish to remain in [...]

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Banks: Brexit to Cost Tens of Thousands of Jobs, Billions in Revenues

Brexit could cost as many as 70,000 jobs and banks may lose 40 billion pounds worth of revenues. Such losses could prove catastrophic for a country that has already been struggling with sluggish economic growth and the fallout from the Brexit Vote. Yet the worst may just be beginning. The above data is according to [...]

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Pound Sterling Crushed, Drops To Historical Lows

The pound sterling was crushed last week, dropping to a 31 year low against the United States dollar. Unsurprisingly, much of the pessimism appears to have been caused by still lingering concerns over the health of the United Kingdom's economy and its post Brexit future. Last week, the pound dropped to $1.2739 dollars. Not since [...]

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U.S. Economic Indicators Turn South, Economy at Risk?

The United States has been among the chief bright spots in the world economy. The European Union has been dealing with anemic growth for years, the United Kingdom is grappling with the fall out of the Brexit vote, and even China is struggling with various issues. The United States economy, however, has been strong with [...]

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