Deutsche Bank On Verge of Collapse? Bailout Coming?

Deutsche Bank, one of the largest banks in Europe and indeed the world, is in big trouble. The bank is on the hook for a $14 billion dollar fine in the United States stemming from the 2008 financial crisis. Problem is, the bank might not have the money needed to pay the fine. Deutsche Bank [...]

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Bubble to Pop? Corporate Debt in Emerging Countries Surges $25 Trillion

The United Nations has expressed concern over the $25 trillion (yes, trillion with a “T”) that companies in emerging countries has amassed. Some economists even believe that this could be the next big “bubble” to pop, and it could spell trouble for the global economy. The UN Conference on Trade and Development has found that [...]

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United Kingdom postponed Brexit talks to early 2017

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has stated that Brexit talks will likely begin in early 2017. After his demand for immediate action in June and Cameron's announcement for October, this is yet another delay showing the fear British politics have. According to current rules, the United Kingdom only has two years to officially exit the Union [...]

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RyanAir CEO Calls UK Politicians Headless Chickens

Few businesses have been more vocal about their displeasure in regards to the Brexit vote than Ryanair. Immediately following the Brexit Vote, Ryanair announced that it would begin to shift away from the United Kingdom and make investments elsewhere. The company also made it clear that it would focus on flights and routes in the [...]

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NHS Cuts Coming Across England

The National Health Service in England is almost certainly going to undergo a hefty trim in the near future. As of now, plans call for the NHS plans to shut down wards, reduce the number of beds, and to institute changes to GP and A&E care in at least 44 areas. Sweeping NHS reforms have [...]

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Gold Tumbles, Drug Companies Take a Hit: Find Out Why

Stock markets in Europe and around the world suffered some stumbles last week. Given that markets have been at or near all-time highs, this shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. Often, markets that heat up have a tendency to retrench and once record breaking numbers are reached, many investors will start to look [...]

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Labor Market First Week August US

Last week, the United States labor department released its JOLTS report, and the news was by and large great. Job openings rose 111,000 to a seasonally adjusted 5.6 million. Meanwhile, layoffs in June fell to 1.6 million, down from 1.7 million a month prior, marking the lowest reading since September of 2014. Right now, the [...]

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BoE Cuts Rates, But Investors Need To Consider Diversification

To the surprise of no one, the Bank of England is moving forward with a rate cut, the first since 2009. With the United Kingdom's economy on the decline following the Brexit vote, most investors and analysts had been expecting the government to cut interest rates. In line with market expectations, the main lending rate [...]

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Stress Tests Bring EU Banks Back Into the Spotlight

European stock markets were rattled last week after the European Banking Authority watchdog released its stress tests, which showed that many banks are in a precarious position. Banks in Italy and Germany performed especially poorly, with Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena (MPS) holding the title for worst performing bank. The Bank of England is [...]

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United Kingdom’s Economic Growth Accelerated Ahead of Brexit Vote

Most economists have a rather dim outlook for the United Kingdom going forward, owing to the vote to leave the European Union. The reason is simple, free trade and economic integration can unleash the power of markets. This, in turn, spurs economic growth. With the UK set to leave the European Union, however, access to [...]

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