Is Duterte a Murderer? He’s Certainly Controversial

Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte is earning himself quite the reputation. The loud-mouthed, abrasive President was recently accused of bad-mouthing American President Barack Obama. Meanwhile, his controversial War on Drugs is drawing condemnation from  other governments and various international human groups. According to some, the vigilante justice being promoted by Duterte makes him essentially a murderer. [...]

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NHS Cuts Coming Across England

The National Health Service in England is almost certainly going to undergo a hefty trim in the near future. As of now, plans call for the NHS plans to shut down wards, reduce the number of beds, and to institute changes to GP and A&E care in at least 44 areas. Sweeping NHS reforms have [...]

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Gold Tumbles, Drug Companies Take a Hit: Find Out Why

Stock markets in Europe and around the world suffered some stumbles last week. Given that markets have been at or near all-time highs, this shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. Often, markets that heat up have a tendency to retrench and once record breaking numbers are reached, many investors will start to look [...]

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British Consumers Regaining Confidence Following Brexit

British consumers are regaining confidence now that the shock of the Brexit vote has not only fully set in, but also worn off. In the immediate aftermath of the vote, dropping markets, the revelation that some politicians were exaggerating the benefits of leaving the European Union, along with various other factors, quickly doused consumer confidence. [...]

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Moody’s Credit Agency: UK to Avoid Recession

Moody's is taking a rather optimistic stance on the United Kingdom's economy, arguing that the United Kingdom's economy will indeed suffer a slow down, but should be able to avoid a recession. Meanwhile, economic growth elsewhere should start to stabilize as the worst of the Brexit shock appears to be passing. Among other things, stock [...]

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The US Dollar Dropped Vs. Euro: Here’s Why

The US Dollar took a bit of a hit against the Euro last week after the Federal Reserve released its minutes. In fact, the US Dollar closed in on eight week lows, reaching near its lowest point since the Brexit exit, which roiled Europe. So what in the Fed's minutes had forex traders and others [...]

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Labor Market First Week August US

Last week, the United States labor department released its JOLTS report, and the news was by and large great. Job openings rose 111,000 to a seasonally adjusted 5.6 million. Meanwhile, layoffs in June fell to 1.6 million, down from 1.7 million a month prior, marking the lowest reading since September of 2014. Right now, the [...]

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BoE Cuts Rates, But Investors Need To Consider Diversification

To the surprise of no one, the Bank of England is moving forward with a rate cut, the first since 2009. With the United Kingdom's economy on the decline following the Brexit vote, most investors and analysts had been expecting the government to cut interest rates. In line with market expectations, the main lending rate [...]

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Let’s Hope Trump Makes A Better President Than Business Man

If Donald Trump should win the presidency, we'll all have to keep our fingers crossed and hope that he does a better job managing the United States than he has done managing his businesses. While Trump loves to brag about his alleged business prowess, his actual track record is far from stellar. Before we get [...]

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Does Donald Trump Want to Use Nukes?

Donald Trump is making waves, again. Reports recently emerged claiming that Trump asked a U.S. foreign policy advisor why the United States couldn't just go ahead and use nuclear weapons. The source remains confidential, but the news was reported by MSNBC's Joe Scarborough, a respected news reporter in the United States. Apparently, the confidential foreign [...]

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