United States Going After Corporate Tax Avoidance

We've been saying it for quite some time, the global tax environment is turning sour. Not just in Europe, but in various countries across the world. Now, the United States is looking to crack down on global corporate tax avoidance. The American Treasury department has released new guidance to limit the scope in which companies [...]

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Why The Wealthy Should Be Worried About The Apple Tax

Apple has been ordered to pay Ireland 13 billion euro in backed taxes. Only, Ireland doesn't want the money and claims that Apple owes it nothing. And now, the United States is slamming the European Union, stating that the ruling is only going to tarnish EU-US relations. So what's the big deal all about and [...]

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BoE Cuts Rates, But Investors Need To Consider Diversification

To the surprise of no one, the Bank of England is moving forward with a rate cut, the first since 2009. With the United Kingdom's economy on the decline following the Brexit vote, most investors and analysts had been expecting the government to cut interest rates. In line with market expectations, the main lending rate [...]

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Labour Party Leader Calling For UK Tax Increase

Six weeks after the Brexit vote we see plans for a UK tax increase. Owen Smith, who is seeking leadership of the Labour Party, is now pushing for a wealth tax that would hit the United Kingdom's top 1%. Smith, who is seeking to wrest control of the Labour Leadership from Jeremy Corbyn, has claimed [...]

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Three Key Tips That Can Help You Reduce Your Taxes

Looking for some ways to reduce your taxes? Tax rates could soon be on the rise with far-left candidates like Bernie Sanders gaining traction and public debts soaring. Savvy investors and wealth managers should start planning now for what could be rough times in the near future. That's why we're going to offer these great tips [...]

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Why should I register a business in Delaware?

Want to know why Delaware is a top choice in the United States for registering a business? Are you looking to register a business in Delaware? This state has emerged as one of the most popular options for registering a company in the United States. A huge number of companies have chosen to incorporate in Delaware. [...]

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A Quick Look at Corporate Taxes By Country

Corporate taxes are one of the most important things any business must consider. With business operations taking place internationally, why not  base your company in the country offering the lowest taxation? For global players tax planning is a vital part of their management since the 1980s. Sole proprietors and small businesses often complain about unfair tax privileges when [...]

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What is the best tax haven in Europe? A quick comparison.

Are you looking to find a tax haven in Europe? We've got you covered and summarized the most important tax havens in Europe and the EU. As one of the world's oldest civilized regions, and home to many of the world's earliest banks and financial systems, there are four countries to highlight when it comes to finding a [...]

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Offshore bank vs. a local bank: what are the benefits?

Have you ever considered working with an offshore bank? Reducing or eliminating taxes and increased confidentiality are only two good reasons to take a closer look. An offshore account offers many benefits when compared to your average local bank account. Offshore banks have been widely used by global players and millionaires since the 1980s. In the past [...]

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How can you legally avoid taxes?

Just about everyone wants to avoid taxes. After all, you and your family worked hard to earn your money, so why would you want to hand it over to a tax authority? If you don't pay your legally obligated taxes, however, you might find yourself handing over a lot more money, and possibly even your [...]

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