Mixed Economic Indicators and Conditions Could Cool Stock Market Confidence

On the whole, European stock markets enjoyed a relatively strong week last week, as did the American stock market, and most indices across Asia. Still, while stock markets performed moderately well, there are numerous risks that could impact wealth managers and investors in the near future. From mixed economic indicators to the seemingly never ending [...]

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Protecting Your Wealth in an Age of Cyber Security Threats

The world was hit by a massive cyber security attack last week. Countless organizations and who knows how many individuals around the world were hit by the cyber security attack. Indeed, the United Kingdom’s National Health Service suffered outages, shut downs, and canceled surgeries because of the attacks. It’s believed that as many as 200,000 [...]

Fear the Trump: Protectionism, Unpredictability Make Offshoring a Must

Offshoring is more important now than ever before. President Donald Trump may be able to deliver on the change he has promised the American people. However, at the same time, he’s also causing market turbulence. Further, his potential protectionist policies, such as tariffs on Mexican goods, could disrupt the entire global economy! Even long-time allies [...]

Europe’s Economy Is Growing, But Risks Remain

The European Union is enjoying widespread growth, with every economy in the Union expanding for the first time since 2007. The EU economy hasn’t enjoyed such stable and widespread growth since before the Great Recession. Further, many economists are projecting that the EU economy could enjoy stable and sustained growth over the next few years. [...]

Five of The Most Unstable Countries In The World

Let’s be honest, we live in a chaotic world, and right now, it seems to be growing all the more unstable. Seems like there are hot-spots and crises breaking out everywhere, all the time. The United Kingdom is leaving the European Union, Russia is amassing troops in Eastern Europe, Donald Trump is taking power in [...]

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Italian Investors Fleeing To Gold, Should You Do So Too?

So far, the election of Donald Trump and various other indicators and developments from around the world have generally been kind to markets. American stock indices have been at or near historical highs, while European and Asian stock markets have generally been fairing well. And yet, some countries are facing a much tougher time, and [...]

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Chaos In President Trump’s Cabinet

President Donald Trump hasn’t even assumed office and already his administration has been besieged by chaos. Long-time ally Chris Christie has been booted from the transition team, which is now being headed by Vice President Mike Pence instead. After Christie’s forced removal, several other staffers tied to Christie have also been removed. Insiders within DC [...]

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The Rise of Europe’s Right and What It Means For Investors

There is a spectre haunting Europe, only this time it’s not communism, but instead far-right politics. Not fascism, but a stark break from what Europe is used to. In France, the Netherlands, Europe, Germany, Greece, and elsewhere, hard lined nationalist parties are gaining popularity. In some places, like the Netherlands, right wing parties are becoming [...]

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Bubble to Pop? Corporate Debt in Emerging Countries Surges $25 Trillion

The United Nations has expressed concern over the $25 trillion (yes, trillion with a “T”) that companies in emerging countries has amassed. Some economists even believe that this could be the next big “bubble” to pop, and it could spell trouble for the global economy. The UN Conference on Trade and Development has found that [...]

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Here’s Why Markets Surged After Fed Announcement

Global markets posted a big rally after the United States Federal Reserve announced that it would not be raising interest rates last week. The Fed did state, however, that one more rate hike was likely this year. With many investors expecting a September rate hike, the news was welcomed, and caused markets to surge the [...]

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