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Facts about Belize

If you are looking for a simple, top notch offshore location you should strongly consider Belize and Seychelles. No taxes, no annual filings, various levels of confidentiality: all available for very affordable fees. Whether Belize or Seychelles will be the right jurisdiction to register your offshore company will depend on the business activities and trading partners. Contact us to find out more. Belize has a long and trusted history as an offshore jurisdiction. The registrar offers a very professional, fast and reliable service. Belize companies are well accepted by offshore banks worldwide.

Offshore incorporation facts

Informations about Belize
  • ComplianceSimple

  • Annual paperworkSimple

  • Tax statusFully tax exempt

  • Time to incorporate1 day

  • Company renewal12 months following registration

  • Restricted activitiesBank, Insurance, Gambling, Adult

  • LanguageEnglish

  • Minimum paid up capitalUS$ 0 (zero)

  • Bearer shares allowedNo, but nominees offered in Nominee services


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  • Company registration99 €

  • Annual Maintenance149 €

  • Registered Office199 €

  • Registered Agent199 €
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Nominee services

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  • Nominee director399 €

  • Nominee shareholder299 €
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Virtual office services

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  • Virtual office London299 €

  • Virtual office New York499 €

  • Virtual office Los Angeles499 €

  • Virtual office Moscow999 €

  • Virtual office Hong Kong999 €
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Offshore bank accounts

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  • Offshore bank account St. Vincent499 €

  • Offshore bank account Mauritius499 €

  • Offshore bank account Belize499 €

  • Offshore bank account Latvia999 €

  • Offshore bank account Cyprus999 €

  • Offshore bank account Switzerland999 €
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More information about Belize

Belize Global

Geographically located on the east coast of Central America, Belize is the most important of the classic zero-tax jurisdictions. Zero-tax means Belize make a distinction between locally trading companies which pay regular taxes and international business companies (IBC) which are fully tax exempt. IBCs are commonly referred to as offshore companies, and nowadays they are an important instrument in tax and wealth planning.

Regardless of the actual profits generated, Belize offshore companies only need to pay an annual flat fee to keep their registration status active. Our annual maintenance fees shown above already include that flat fee. Another important advantage of the zero tax status is the confidentiality granted towards accounts and figures. Belize companies do not have to publish annual accounts or balance sheets, which also waives the requirement of auditing and the cost of CPAs. Therefore Belize offshore companies allow great savings of both time and money.

It is obvious that – compared to any local business – you save money on taxation, administrative costs, legal and accounting fees. Although these savings are reason enough to incorporate offshore, we would like point out that you also save time, as incorporating and operating an IBC is a simple and straightforward procedure. There are literally no regulations, restrictions, permits or licenses you have to worry about. You can devote your full time and attention to running your business instead of losing important resources to bureaucracy.

What might sound almost too good to be true is actually a long established, trusted system. Whilst governments have occasionally denounced offshore structures in the past, trying to frighten away business owners from exploring the offshore sector, nowadays all globally-operating corporations are testament that offshore companies can be used in full compliance with the law, and that they afford massive tax reductions. Corporations like Google or Apple would not have grown to their current size without the consistent use of tax planning.

That leads us to another important part of tax planning: the residence status of the management. Google, Apple and other large corporations employ local staff and managers, and this is a vital element of offshore structures. For small companies, however, there may be no budget to hire local full time staff. That is why OCQ offers nominee directors and shareholders included in our diamond package. This way, the official management will be based offshore like the company itself, but the ultimate ownership and control will be in your hands.

We at OCQ consider Belize the most interesting jurisdiction for tax and wealth planning, as it welcomes businesses from all industries and all sizes, as well as customers from all nationalities. The registrar of companies provides a fast and efficient company registration whereby most companies only require a single business day to be officially registered.

On this page we detail facts and prices about offshore companies formed in Belize. We can also assist with the registration of foundations or trusts. Should you require further information about these services please feel free to contact our consultants.

Last but not least, let me also explain what makes OCQ the perfect partner for your offshore company formation. It is that we perfectly understand all involved parties. We know what the registrar requires to incorporate a company, we know which bank best suits which customer and – most important of all – we know that our customers seek a simple, quick and affordable way to register their offshore companies. We keep our order processing up to date without making it bureaucratic. We won’t spam you with online or offline forms. We know that even though we form more than 7,000 companies a year, for you it might be your very first offshore company, and we eagerly look forward to answer any question you have about this topic. Our qualified and experienced team is always here to help you on:


We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.

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