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Facts about Cyprus

With Britain’s decision leaving the EU Cyprus is striving to become the new entry gate to Europe. Tax rates from 0% (very rare corporate structures), 4% (mainly maritime services) to 10% (most companies) are an attractive reason to base your EU presence in Cyprus. Forming a company in Cyprus will usually take 2 weeks and goes along with the average record keeping requirements of EU businesses.

Offshore incorporation facts

Informations about Cyprus
  • ComplianceSimple

  • Annual paperworkMedium

  • Tax statusLow tax, approx. 10%

  • Time to incorporate2 weeks, but shelf names available

  • Company renewal12 months following registration

  • Restricted activitiesBank, Insurance, Gambling, Adult

  • LanguageGreek with English translation

  • Minimum paid up capitalUS$ 0 (zero)

  • Bearer shares allowedNo, but nominees offered in Nominee services


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  • Company registration199 €

  • Annual Maintenance599 €

  • Registered Office299 €

  • Registered Agent299 €
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Nominee services

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  • Nominee director599 €

  • Nominee shareholder399 €
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Virtual office services

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  • Virtual office London299 €

  • Virtual office New York499 €

  • Virtual office Los Angeles499 €

  • Virtual office Moscow999 €

  • Virtual office Hong Kong999 €
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Offshore bank accounts

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  • Offshore bank account St. Vincent499 €

  • Offshore bank account Mauritius499 €

  • Offshore bank account Belize499 €

  • Offshore bank account Latvia999 €

  • Offshore bank account Cyprus999 €

  • Offshore bank account Switzerland999 €
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More information about Cyprus

Cyprus Global

Since its EU accession in 2004, Cyprus serves as a perfect destination for launching an EU-based company. With the standard tax rate of 12.5% being one of the lowest in the EU, Cyprus has become a prime location for nonresident investors who are keen to start a limited company. Although there are countries like Belize, where filing accounts is not necessary, companies in Cyprus have to maintain records and file accounts, making it perhaps not the most simple country to consider offshoring in, but being in the EU can have some advantages.

As you make up your mind to set up a company in Cyprus, it’s essential to be conversant with the various important aspects of tax planning that form your offshore company, particularly the residence status of the management. While for major firms like Google and Starbucks, it may not be difficult to hire local staff and managers to administer their offshore divisions, the same could not be said about all small companies. However, with the support extended by us at OCQ it is simple, as we make available nominee directors and shareholders as part of our popular diamond package. The control will continue to remain with you even if the official management of your business is offshore.

With the Cyprus’ new Investment Policy permitting 100% foreign participation in almost all sectors, you can take advantage of the effective tax-planning strategies irrespective of whether you are a EU citizen or not. We at OCQ will aid you with our comprehensive support and quality service to realize your dream of forming a modern international business in this tax-incentive country.

As a matter of policy, we keep customer details in complete confidence, helping you establish a reputable and dynamic international business in Cyprus, widely regarded as the commercial gateway for investments into Europe. If more and more clients are turning to Cyprus, this is only because it offers a favorable and flexible tax system compared to other jurisdictions in the region. Cyprus’ tax authorities are keen to help foreign investors the best way they can.

Cyprus has an efficient process in place for incorporating a business. What you get to find in the country is an ideal investor-friendly environment that does not call for additional or complex tax structuring. The tax-competitive jurisdiction is preferred by many investors from within the EU and outside mainly due to its exciting tax planning potential and a transparent tax system that is fully EU compliant. Above all, the process of registration is simple, with the registrar taking very limited time to start your operations in Cyprus.

We at OCQ will make the procedure smooth so that you can divert all of your attention to your business needs. Our team will be right here to serve you in a professional way, ensuring the quick implementation of your action plan. Having been instrumental in forming more than 7,000 companies every year, we have a proven track record that speaks volumes about how our current clients feel about our exemplary services.

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