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Facts about Delaware

Out of over 50 established offshore jurisdictions, Delaware is certainly amongst the best known and most popular. A reputation it built over the past 30 years. However, is Delaware still able to compete with nowadays offshore incorporation requirements? We sadly have to say no. It still is the right jurisdiction under some special circumstances. Notwithstanding it should not be your first choice if you are looking for a general offshore company. The main disadvantages are reporting requirements and difficulties in opening bank accounts. Having a US registered company suggests stability and security. One should yet not forget to consider that the Delaware offshore registration is based on a legal loophole. This is a significant difference compared to e.g. Belize where offshore companies are officially granted tax exemption.

Offshore incorporation facts

Informations about Delaware
  • ComplianceSimple

  • Annual paperworkSimple

  • Tax statusFully tax exempt

  • Time to incorporate1 day

  • Company renewal12 months following registration

  • Restricted activitiesBank, Insurance, Gambling, Adult

  • LanguageEnglish

  • Minimum paid up capitalUS$ 0 (zero)

  • Bearer shares allowedNo, but nominees offered in Nominee services


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  • Company registration99 €

  • Annual Maintenance99 €

  • Registered Office99 €

  • Registered Agent99 €
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Nominee services

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  • Nominee director599 €

  • Nominee shareholder299 €
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Virtual office services

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  • Virtual office London299 €

  • Virtual office New York499 €

  • Virtual office Los Angeles499 €

  • Virtual office Moscow999 €

  • Virtual office Hong Kong999 €
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More information about Delaware

Delaware globe

The majority of the US top 500 companies are registered in Delaware, so there definitely are ideal corporate laws in Delaware. But those are tax paying companies. What made Delaware so interesting for international offshore customers? To answer this question we have to go back 20 years. In the mid 1990s offshore companies in Belize or British Virgin Islands where extremely difficult and expensive to incorporate. Delaware on the other side was simple, fast and cheap. Unfortunately that caused many dodgy businesses to incorporate in Delaware and over the years it ruined Delaware’s international reputation. Whilst for a US top 500 company it is totally en vogue to be registered in Delaware, for a small offshore company it would be a mark of Cain. Although the company registration in Delaware is still extremely simple and fast, it has become very difficult and time consuming getting bank accounts opened for them.

We here at OCQ consider Belize the most interesting jurisdiction for tax and wealth planning as it welcomes businesses from all industries and all sizes as well as customers from all nationalities. The registrar of companies provides a fast and efficient company registration whereby most companies only take a single business day to be officially registered.

Last but not least, let me also explain what makes OCQ the perfect partner for your offshore company formation. It is that we perfectly understand all involved parties. We know what the registrar requires to incorporate a company, we know which bank best suits to which customer and – most important of all that – we know that our customers seek a simple, quick and affordable way to register their offshore companies. We have an eye on keeping our order processing always up to date yet never make it bureaucratic. We won’t spam you with forms – neither online nor offline. We know that even if we form more than 7,000 companies a year, for you it might be the very first offshore company and we are eagerly looking forward to answer any question you have about this topic. Our qualified and experienced team is always here to help you:


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