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Facts about Seychelles

Seychelles and Belize are jurisdictions every business owner should consider. They offer all classic offshore benefits: tax exemptions, waiving annual filings, various levels of confidentiality. Contact us today to evaluate which jurisdiction is right for your business. Seychelles companies enjoy excellent reputation with offshore banks worldwide. Incorporations are simple, fast and affordable. You can actually order it online and complete all necessary communication with us via phone and email.

Offshore incorporation facts

Informations about Seychelles
  • ComplianceSimple

  • Annual paperworkSimple

  • Tax statusFully tax exempt

  • Time to incorporate1 day

  • Company renewal12 months following registration

  • Restricted activitiesBank, Insurance, Gambling, Adult

  • LanguageEnglish

  • Minimum paid up capitalUS$ 0 (zero)

  • Bearer shares allowedNo, but nominees offered in Nominee services


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  • Company registration99 €

  • Annual Maintenance149 €

  • Registered Office199 €

  • Registered Agent199 €
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Nominee services

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  • Nominee director399 €

  • Nominee shareholder299 €
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Virtual office services

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  • Virtual office London299 €

  • Virtual office New York499 €

  • Virtual office Los Angeles499 €

  • Virtual office Moscow999 €

  • Virtual office Hong Kong999 €
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Offshore bank accounts

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  • Offshore bank account St. Vincent499 €

  • Offshore bank account Mauritius499 €

  • Offshore bank account Belize499 €

  • Offshore bank account Latvia999 €

  • Offshore bank account Cyprus999 €

  • Offshore bank account Switzerland999 €
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More information about Seychelles

Seychelles Global

If setting up an international business company (IBC) in a fast-growing zero-tax jurisdiction is in your company’s future, the Seychelles is one of the most preferred destinations for such a venture. As a prime zero tax jurisdiction located in the Indian Ocean region, the Seychelles, an archipelago comprising as many as 115 islands, offers a host of benefits to offshore companies that want to make the best use of tax and wealth planning.

Irrespective of the size of your business or its annual turnover, as an offshore company you simply pay an annual consolidated fee to enjoy registration in the Seychelles, one of the best locations worldwide for offshore incorporation.

Along with zero taxes, setting up in the Seychelles guarantees total confidentiality to your bank accounts. If you’re a Seychelles offshore company you are relieved from publishing annual account statements although the laws make it mandatory for all Seychelles IBCs to prepare annual accounts.

As one of the fastest registrars in the world, the Seychelles will not make you wait once you adhere to the rules. At OCQ, we offer local expertise to safeguard your interests. We offer solid maintenance of Seychelles offshore companies by extending excellent administrative support at various levels, and by providing instant answers to all your questions. We have perfect understanding of the complexities. We are an honest and trustworthy offshore company formation agent that is capable of providing a host of services, including provision of directors and shareholders, opening of bank accounts, maintenance of accounts and related secretarial services.

Many companies are keen to become a part of the vibrant jurisdiction of the Seychelles, and we are keen to help you save your valuable time and precious money. We can handle all of the legwork for you, and you can remain totally devoted on your business activities instead of straining yourself to work through bureaucratic problems.

Offshore structures like those incorporated in the Seychelles are the future of international business. Offshore structures are no longer criticized or castigated like in the past, and entrepreneurs don’t have to think too much before deciding on moving their business offshore. To cite an instance, global corporate giants Google and Apple have both used offshore structures for their ongoing tax planning.

While these market leaders have no problem in hiring offshore staff to hold key positions and therefore comply with offshore tax regulations, small companies may find this expensive. At OCQ we will help you by offering nominee directors and company members that are based offshore. You will continue to be in complete ownership and control of every aspect of your business.

In addition to keeping information pertaining to your IBC highly confidential, we help you carry out the process of registration quickly and make sure that you comply with every regulation. By virtue of possessing in-depth business expertise in formation of offshore companies, we are at your disposal to guarantee smooth operations of your IBC in the Seychelles. You can rest assured that we will waste no time in taking forward your registration process, no matter how big or small your offshore company is going to be.

A glance at the track record of OCQ will show you that we are simply the best in the business and can be relied for setting up your Seychelles offshore company. Not only do we spend a lot of time to understand your specific requirements, but our team of experts also examines all the aspects of your business before suggesting the best offshore location for your own circumstances. Get in touch with us today on and prepare to make your presence felt in the popular archipelago.


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