FAQ about Offshore Banking and Offshore Companies

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Offshore

Offshore Company Formation is a complex topic. Whilst the actual incorporation is a quick and simple task, finding the right structure can be tricky. Just because somebody else is perfectly happy with a certain jurisdiction, it may not be an equally perfect fit for your business. That is why we at Offshore Company Quick encourage you to contact us with any and all questions you have. We totally understand that for most of our customers it is the first time they incorporate offshore and we are pleased if we can help lightening the topic.

We try to keep the information on this web site simple yet informative. This page has answers to the most frequent questions. If you cannot find an answer to your question just drop us a line. We appreciate the opportunity to consult.

Going offshore is both safe and legal! Offshore companies protect you from personal liability. For an added layer of privacy protection our Diamond plan includes nominee service. This insures that your personal details will not appear on any public document.
This depends on your business activities, countries of operation and goals. Our team of experts will be happy to advice. Contact us now for a free consultation.
Our highly-qualified staff and custom-developed order processing system allows us to provide the highest level of efficiency possible, while still providing world class service.
No. The entire process can be handled via email and courier shipment.
Different from other providers Offshore Company Quick does not charge any hidden fees. The prices quoted on our web site are the final costs including courier shipment of all originals to your door.
Advantages and benefits that come along by incorporating offshore may sound too good to be true. In addition, local governments have been telling entrepreneurs that offshore companies are pure evil, unethical and morally vile. That worked as long as Exxon Mobile, IBM, IKEA and all the other large corporations used their offshore divisions secretly. Luckily, nowadays everybody can monitor how important offshoring has become for companies. Google, Starbucks or Facebook could not have grown to their size without offshoring. Billing is based in countries with low taxation. Factories are built in countries with low wages. Research and development is made in countries with low regulation and easy access to permits. There is no law or regulation that limits all these advantages to large corporations. In fact, for small companies it is often even easier to claim them.
Yes, offshore companies are legal. They will be incorporated following all laws and regulation in the country of incorporation. However, not every offshore structure has the same benefits to offer. The business activities, turnovers, geographical area of operation and even the number and residency of the owners have to be considered. Our experts are available for a free consultation to help finding the best structure for you.
Offshore companies, foundations, trusts and holdings have important benefits to offer.

  • Quick and simple registration
  • Limited liability
  • Lower regulation
  • Greatly reduced bureaucracy
  • Lower accounting standards
  • Waived auditing
  • Lower taxes or even full tax exemption
The biggest risk is buying cheap. Luckily, company formation does not have to be an expensive task nowadays. However, everything has its price. The fees payable to the registrar are the same for all providers. Cheap offers will therefore usually cut the level of service or hit you with hidden charges.

We appreciate every enquiry and our focus is to create cooperations that last for many years. Therefore your satisfaction is our priority.

The most important part of every successful offshore incorporation is the initial consultation. We offer free consultation and encourage you to ask any question you have. Although our team of experts combines many years of experience we totally understand that our customers are new to the topic. Contact us today and find out how you can benefit from going offshore.

Once we determined the best structure, you will be able to order it online and to incorporate and manage it remotely. We will be your single point of contact during the registration as well as during the entire existence of the company. Everything can be handled effectively online, via email and by mail or courier. There is no need for personal meetings or to travel and you do not have to worry about visa requirements or language barriers.

Incorporating your offshore company with us will be a quick, simple and affordable task.

Offshore banking is not much different to normal banking. It only means the bank is based offshore.
Offshore banking in past and nowadays
In past days everybody could open an offshore account to hide moneys and earn tax free interest; that is no longer recommended today. To use offshore banking in compliance with the law you have to incorporate an offshore company in a tax exempt country and then open the account under the name of said company. This simple step ensures that all moneys earned on the offshore account are covered by the tax exempt status of the offshore company.
Most offshore countries do not have a public registry of companies. That is why offshore companies offer a much higher level of confidentiality. Information is not available online and even a lawyer hired for a company search may not be able to withdraw any details. However, this default level of confidentiality is not guaranteed. More and more jurisdictions put their registries online. We therefore recommend to appoint a nominee as official director and shareholder. The nominee ensures that your name will not appear on the registration certificates. Once the registration has been completed the nominee will issue two confidential documents: a declaration of trust and a power of attorney. That way you achieve the highest level of privacy and have the ultimate control over the company.