India is moving aggressively to install capital controls and financial oversight by banning large currency notes, and trying to force people to store their money in banks. By doing so, the governments hopes to assert more control and oversight over people’s personal wealth and financial management. The government’s ban of 500 and 1000 rupee notes, however, is already causing financial upheaval.

By eliminating or discouraging the circulation of large notes, governments can make it harder to move unaccounted money. Problem is, this type of currency control can make business and life in general far more difficult.

Luckily, there are steps you can take to protect your wealth, and to make conducting business locally and internationally much easier. Setting up offshore companies or bank accounts can help you avoid the hassle of capital controls in India. And remember, capital controls may only be the first step for the Indian government. Stricter reporting, higher taxes, and various other measures could all be in the works.

Offshore bank accounts provide great financial services, and make conducting international business easy. Further, with an offshore bank account, you can put your wealth into other, more stable currencies, such as the American dollar or Euro. You’ll still be able access your money quite easily and quickly, as the best offshore banks also offer exceptional online banking services. If anything, you’ll likely find that the offshore bank you choose is easier to work with than local banks.

Need even more flexibility, stability, and protection? Consider setting up an offshore company. This company can be used to shield and protect your assets. By setting up an offshore company with limited liability, you can actually create a layer of separation between yourself and your assets. This can provide you, your family, and your business with even more protection.

With an offshore company, you can also set up an offshore bank account. This will make it even easier to conduct online and international business. Setting up offshore bank accounts and companies, however, can be a bit intimidating. There are numerous companies and banks to choose from, and to be quite blunt, not all of them are equal.

Luckily, we can guide you through the entire process.


The key benefits of offshoring with us:

  • No travel requirements, we do all the ground work.
  • All documentation will be handled by UPS or DHL, we will make sure everything is scheduled properly.
  • We can work with essentially every legal business, and can assist families in numerous situations.
  • We can arrange for nominees who will ensure your privacy.
  • Costs start at less than 650 Euros.
  • Consultations are free of charge, with no strings attached.


The most popular jurisdictions are:

  • The Seychelles: no taxation, very affordable, takes only a day to register.
  • Hong Kong: no taxes on international income, affordable and simple, takes about 3 to 5 days to register.
  • Cyprus: 12% taxes, a very simple and affordable way to get a EU company.

Don’t Delay, Set Up Offshore Immediately!

Simply conducting business or managing your finances in India is going to be exceptionally difficult. Want to hold your money in cash? With financial markets around the world experiencing so much turbulence, that’s not a bad idea. Yet it’s going to be extremely difficult to do so in India. Want to make sure that your family is protected from future turbulence? That’s only going to harder to accomplish.

Luckily, you have choices. You can set up an offshore company, bank account, or other financial management vehicle. Our consultants will be happy to assist with any question you have – free of charge – via phone or email. Contact us now!