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We can help you incorporate your new company, holding, trust or foundation

Offshore Company Quick is your trusted and experienced partner for offshore company formation, offshore banking and many related services. We can help you incorporate your new company, holding, trust or foundation in more than 50 jurisdictions. For the quickest, easiest and fastest countries this site holds full pricing information and even an online order form.

Offshore Services

We work hard making this web site an informative and valuable source of information. Notwithstanding, there is nothing that outbeats individual consultation. We therefore encourage you to contact our friendly team of experts. Especially if you are new to the topic, we will be happy to listen to your questions and provide free advise.

In our globalized world every business has to evaluate how it can benefit from going offshore. Attract new markets, reduce administrative burdens, save on taxes, gain confidentiality and protect your privacy. Remaining with established business structures means falling behind. Accepting any and all rules, regulation and tax rates as given facts is unprogressive. There is no global player, no international corporation neglecting the importance of offshore registrations.

Offshore structures are used for more than 40 years for tax and wealth planning, to reduce risks, gain confidentiality or reduce bureaucracy. However, it has only been in recent years that offshore services became affordable to small and medium sized businesses. Affordable rates often result in savings within a few months. Be it due to reduced taxation or lower administrative costs, your company will have more funds available for investments. As a business owner you will gain more time to devote to running your business rather than administering it.


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