United Kingdom postponed Brexit talks to early 2017

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has stated that Brexit talks will likely begin in early 2017. After his demand for immediate action in June and Cameron's announcement for October, this is yet another delay showing the fear British politics have. According to current rules, the United Kingdom only has two years to officially exit the Union [...]

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RyanAir CEO Calls UK Politicians Headless Chickens

Few businesses have been more vocal about their displeasure in regards to the Brexit vote than Ryanair. Immediately following the Brexit Vote, Ryanair announced that it would begin to shift away from the United Kingdom and make investments elsewhere. The company also made it clear that it would focus on flights and routes in the [...]

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NHS Cuts Coming Across England

The National Health Service in England is almost certainly going to undergo a hefty trim in the near future. As of now, plans call for the NHS plans to shut down wards, reduce the number of beds, and to institute changes to GP and A&E care in at least 44 areas. Sweeping NHS reforms have [...]

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British Consumers Regaining Confidence Following Brexit

British consumers are regaining confidence now that the shock of the Brexit vote has not only fully set in, but also worn off. In the immediate aftermath of the vote, dropping markets, the revelation that some politicians were exaggerating the benefits of leaving the European Union, along with various other factors, quickly doused consumer confidence. [...]

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Moody’s Credit Agency: UK to Avoid Recession

Moody's is taking a rather optimistic stance on the United Kingdom's economy, arguing that the United Kingdom's economy will indeed suffer a slow down, but should be able to avoid a recession. Meanwhile, economic growth elsewhere should start to stabilize as the worst of the Brexit shock appears to be passing. Among other things, stock [...]

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BoE Cuts Rates, But Investors Need To Consider Diversification

To the surprise of no one, the Bank of England is moving forward with a rate cut, the first since 2009. With the United Kingdom's economy on the decline following the Brexit vote, most investors and analysts had been expecting the government to cut interest rates. In line with market expectations, the main lending rate [...]

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United Kingdom’s Economic Growth Accelerated Ahead of Brexit Vote

Most economists have a rather dim outlook for the United Kingdom going forward, owing to the vote to leave the European Union. The reason is simple, free trade and economic integration can unleash the power of markets. This, in turn, spurs economic growth. With the UK set to leave the European Union, however, access to [...]

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EU Passport Applications of British Citizens Skyrocket After Brexit

Embassies in London from across the European Union are reporting an increase in inquiries from British people looking to gain E.U. citizenship. With Brits set to lose easy access to the European Union, many U.K. citizens appear to be looking to hop ship, or at least keep their options open by gaining E.U. citizenship. This [...]

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Brexit Lets Companies Leave British Offshoring Jurisdictions

For a long time, British controlled offshoring centers, such as the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands, were among the most favored offshoring centres in the world. Over the past several years, however, these jurisdictions have been losing steam. Now, with the United Kingdom set to exit the European Union, people looking to offshore [...]

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Turbulence Times Ahead: Is Brexit Just the Beginning?

Just as the financial world was starting to move on from the potential property bubble in China, and not so long after worries over Greece and other heavily indebted countries started to subside, markets are being roiled by the Brexit vote. The majority of voters in the United Kingdom, 52 percent, have voted to leaved [...]

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