American Economy Showing Strength, Brexit Still a Worry for Banks

The American economy is roaring ahead, showing increasing signs of strength. So far, the year has been quite kind as far as the economy goes. The strength of the American economy, in particular, is boosting Europe and other markets. With stock markets at or near historical highs, international investors and wealth managers have also enjoyed [...]

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Is Donald Trumps T’ax Reform a Pipe Dream?

The Donald Trump administration is pushing for the biggest American tax reform in decades. Currently, America’s top corporate tax rate weighs in at a whopping 35%, but if President Trump gets his way, the rate will be cut to only 15%. This is considerably lower than the United Kingdom’s 19% corporate tax rate, which in [...]

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These Three Conflicts Could Upend Global Stability

What a time to be alive. Across the world numerous conflicts are upsetting would-be global stability. Trump is ratcheting up tough talk with China, Aleppo has fallen in Syria but the civil war rages on, the Islamic State is battling it out with Iraqi forces in Mosul, and in numerous other places instability is reigning [...]

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U.S. Economic Indicators Turn South, Economy at Risk?

The United States has been among the chief bright spots in the world economy. The European Union has been dealing with anemic growth for years, the United Kingdom is grappling with the fall out of the Brexit vote, and even China is struggling with various issues. The United States economy, however, has been strong with [...]

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Let’s Hope Trump Makes A Better President Than Business Man

If Donald Trump should win the presidency, we'll all have to keep our fingers crossed and hope that he does a better job managing the United States than he has done managing his businesses. While Trump loves to brag about his alleged business prowess, his actual track record is far from stellar. Before we get [...]

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Top Three Candidates To Be The Next “Greece”

In the summer of 2015 global markets were roiled by the de facto bankruptcy and near default of Greece. The small Southern European nation managed to drag the euro down, and nearly tore apart the Eurozone. Worse yet, during the heights of the crisis, the Greek government instituted strict capital controls that barred people from [...]

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